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Prices and Packages    

My private studio Is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. All of my sessions take place here, in a comfortable, gym like environment, but without the crowds so you can feel much more at ease. 

First of all we will meet for a complimentary consultation, where we can discuss your needs, and assess the right kind of programme for you. From here we can also discuss the amount of sessions you require. If a sports massage is what your looking for then a consultation is included in the time and price of each massage, to assess your needs

I understand that ideally we would all have a personal trainer full time for that added support and motivation, but realistically this is not possible for everyone's budget, that's why no matter whether you opt for one session a week or five you will still get 100% support from me every single time.


1 off hourly P.T session £40

Block of 5 hourly P.T sessions £175

Block of 10 hourly P.T sessions £330

block of 15 hourly P.T sessions £465

personal training 1 hour for 2 people £55




30 min sports & remedial massage ( inc assessment) £35



45 min sports & remedial massage (inc assessment) £45


All block bookings include an initial health and fitness assessment. Block bookings of 10 sessions or more inlcude bi-monthly health and fitness assessments. Nutritional advice and guidance also available, and in the more advanced packages help to analyse your own food diary, so you can change your habits for life!!

Basic package £50

   1 personal training session plus a 30 minute sports massage

   Health and fitness assessment

   Nutritional guidance

Intermediate package £ 220

   5 personal training sessions plus a 30 minute sports massage

   health and fitness assessments

   Nutritional guidance and advice

   Food diary analyses

Advanced package £345

   10 personal training sessions plus a 30 minute sports massage

   health and fitness assessments

   Nutritional guidance and fitness assessments

   Food diary analyses

 personal training sessions and massages do not need to be carried out on the same day, but all sessions must be used within a 3 month period.

Book now for your complimentary consultation to kick start your health today!!

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